Thursday, August 16, 2012

Parvin Atabay Announces Work on an Autobiography

Artimis Atabay is pleased to announce that Parvin Atabay, the CEO of Arti Enterprises, Inc., a Glendale, CA-based management company, has recently begun work on an autobiography.  The autobiography will highlight the exciting life Atabay has led from growing up in Iran, immigrating to the United States, and becoming a successful businesswoman.

Parvin Atabay has recently met with top producers to discuss the progress of her autobiography.  Producers are also interested in movie and reality TV options.  “There are definitely a lot of exciting things developing,” says Atabay.  “However, I want to make sure I stay focused and complete first things first.”

For now, Parvin Atabay is treating her autobiography as a top priority.  However, the autobiography is not the only writing project that the busy CEO has on her plate.  In addition to her business interests, Parvin Atabay has a heart for children and is currently working on a children’s book.

The direction of the children’s book is still being discussed with producers.  However, Atabay and her producers are seriously interested in using the book as a vehicle for educating children about the differences between third world and westernized countries.  “I think the children’s book can be a terrific way to illuminate some of the fundamental differences in quality of life that many “Western” children take for granted,” says Parvin Atabay.

Both of these projects—the autobiography and the children’s book—will likely require Parvin Atabay to travel abroad, a prospect she eagerly welcomes.  It’s likely that in the near future, Parvin Atabay will travel to some or all of the following places: Africa, Kenya, Philippines, China, and Thailand.

“Traveling and doing my field research is definitely an exciting part of the projects,” states Parvin Atabay.  “Traveling has been so important to me and Zia [husband] over the years; I hope he will be able to accompany me on some of the trips.”

For more information on Parvin Atabay and her autobiographical work, please contact Artimis Atabay at (888) 675 – 1245; or, at 210 N Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91203.


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