Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Newly Launched Website Provides an Overview of Guild War 2 Races and Gameplay Guides

A newly launched website, Guild Wars 2 Master Guide, aims to provide readers with exceptional tips on gameplay and informative updates and guides.

World Wide Web- 20th November, 2012 - Guild Wars 2 is a massively multiplayer online role-playing game set in the fantasy world of Tyria. As a continuation of events that started to transpire in the original game (Guild War), it is simply more immersive and more astounding than its predecessor. The Guild Wars 2 Races on the other hand allows you to create and customize your character from the five main races of Tyria: noble Humans, valiant Norn, ferocious Charr, ingenious Asura, or mysterious Sylvari.

GuildWars2MasterGuide.com has been launched equipped with the latest and newest information with updated tactics in order to achieve every gamer’s ultimate goal - "Showing the World with High Level Gear Performance." The website features new product reviews as well as questions and answers from the readers. The free stuff giveaway is another catchy thing as you can get free Guild War 2 PvP Warfare report and newsletters.

As a weblog community the new website allows sharing of information about Guild Wars 2 Gameplay and other related MMORPG info. With an aim to provide the users with useful and updated info about the comprehensive guide of the game, the site strives to only include the services and information that offers good quality and best value for your money.

As the site owner puts it, "In a constantly changing world we continue to find new and innovative ways to meet the needs of readers seeking the latest news on all aspects of Guild Wars 2 Gameplay."

There are different categories in the site namely: Guild Wars 2 Articles, Races of Tyria, and The 20 Crucial Guides. These are helpful resources if you are looking to gain knowledge and awareness on Guild War 2 guide reviews. In order to continue delivering quality tips and advice and to compensate the hosting costs as well as other admin tasks, the site allows for affiliate products where they will receive a certain commission for purchases made from the website. Visitors and readers, however, can verify all the information from the actual product provider or the actual sales page.

Know more new game guide reviews, game play tips and innovative news in http://guildwars2masterguide.com

About Guild Wars 2 Master Guides:

GuildWars2MasterGuide.com is a weblog community for sharing information about Guild Wars 2 Gameplay and other related MMORPG information. The website offers reviews, ratings, testimonials, advice, training and more valuable information. Visit the website right now to sign up for exclusive PvP Warfare Guide and newsletters.

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Friday, September 21, 2012

Sally McFarland - Successful Internal Medicine Doctor

Many people can be considered successes in their life. If you’ve worked the same job for over 20 years, that is definitely a success. For Sally McFarland, working as a doctor for over two decades not only makes her successful it demonstrates her work history, success, and experience. And what makes things even better for her, as a doctor, is the public recognition that she has received in and around her community.

Sally McFarland graduated from the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine in 1984. The same year she became a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, an honor which highlights the skill and education commitment that Sally McFarland demonstrated as a student. Her residency was performed at Montefiore Hospital, an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sally McFarland successfully became board certified in internal medicine in 1987 and has been working helping people since.

In 1994, Sally McFarland joined the Medical Society of Northern Virginia, which would help to provide doctors of every specialty like Sally McFarland, educational resources as well as business resources. While membership is not necessary it helps doctors in every specialty in Northern Virginia as well as providing a professional resource if Sally McFarland is asked of her affiliations. However, joining the Medical Society of Northern Virginia is not all that Sally McFarland has achieved.

Sally McFarland was recognized by her community in the Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best Doctors of 2009. Sally McFarland was justifiably thrilled for her recognition and it speaks much to the way she treats her patients with a competent, caring, and personable manner. Her personal success only continued when on September 1, 2011 Sally McFarland opened her “new solo internal medicine practice in Fairfax, Virginia.”

If you have any questions regarding Sally McFarland’s history as a doctor or her current practice you are free to address questions to: 8425 W. Frankton Drive, Denver Colorado 80127 or call (888) 675-1245.

Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Anshul Khetarpal Makes Generous Contributed to the Redding School of the Arts

REDDING, Calif. – Anshul Khetarpal has announced giving another generous donation to the Redding School of the Arts, a charter school based in Northern California that connects education with art, specifically for K-8 students. Students who have a particular interest or want to be trained in visual and performing arts can attend the school for the finest training in the area.

“I feel very passionate about donating to the Redding School of the Arts,” said Anshul Khetarpal. “What they are doing at the school for K-8 students and what they are doing to better our community are outstanding and I want to support them in any way I can. I am very blessed to be a part of what the Redding school of the Arts is doing to foster participation in visual and performance arts from a very young age.”

The Redding School of Arts enables children to learn the knowledge and skills needed to take their love of arts directly to their local and global communities. This is fundamentally the reason Anshul Khetarpal is so committed to supporting the Redding School of the Arts financially. By making an investment in the school, Anshul Khetarpal is actually making a greater impact on the community as the effect trickles and a sense of love for the arts is established community-wide.

“I am in support of the programs offered at the Redding School of the Arts, especially because they prepare students for a future in visual and performing arts,” said Anshul Khetarpal. “As students continue to grow older and more experienced in the arts, they can elect more specific classes to take. I am in full support of the number and quality of classes offered at the Redding School of the Arts.”

About Anshul Khetarpal

Anshul Khetarpal graduated from San Diego State University in 2001 and the University of Maryland in 2007. He is currently an avid runner who enjoys using his time and talent in endurance running to make a positive impact on his community by running marathons dedicated to various charities. In addition to helping others through his running, Anshul Khetarpal donates to the Redding School of Arts, in hopes to enhance their visual and performing arts educational program. With his donations, Anshul Khetarpal is consistently helping the overall education program and therefore providing a solid education for hundreds of students.

Sunday, August 19, 2012

SGC Announced Beta Launch of soZZial GAMEbling – A Unique Massively Multiplayer Online Social Gaming Platform

HONG KONG – August 19, 2012 – SGC Limited, a startup gaming company, today announced the beta launch of soZZial GAMEbling, a new and unique gaming platform that converts casino games into massively multiplayer online social gaming.

soZZial GAMEblingIn limited release, soZZial currently has four games which include three blackjack games and Sweets Slot, a video slot machine with two bonus games. The fifth game, Sum Hot slot machine, is planned to be added in the nearest future. Within a single convenient application, the platform is designed to give gamers quick access to free-to-play most popular casino games in non-gambling format with unique social features, like multiplayer real-time tournaments and face-to-face duels, monthly competition between all soZZial members, and premium gaming options for more excitement. Based on Flash, soZZial games maybe played instantly as a web application at http://sozzial.com, as a Facebook application at http://apps.facebook.com/sozzial, and at Linux and Android devices.

soZZial is based on a unique gaming concept that converts conventional blackjack and slot games into an exciting social gaming format. It specializes in Tournaments, Duels and monthly SharePot Competitions, run as real-time events between a virtually unlimited number of players, each of them enjoying their favorite games. Gamers can play classic blackjack, while competing with others playing European blackjack or slot machines, for example.

soZZial offers cutting edge gaming technology without the need of any download. This is a highly accessible game, which allows gamers to play on sozzial.com, on Facebook, or on Android mobile devices. The competitions are also cross-platform, which means that players participating on the website may compete with Facebook or Android gamers.

The developers of soZZial games are also proud to announce that the games are essentially free with several premium options available for ‘Royal Lounge’ members. They also clarified that although soZZIal players enjoy all the popular casino games, soZZial is NOT a form of gambling, which requires spending a certain amount. Players compete for Gchips, a virtual currency that is not exchangeable for real money. That is why they called it GAMEbling.

soZZial GAMEbling is a unique and innovative massively multiplayer online social gaming platform that is designed to provide a high level of entertainment and enjoyment to gamers all over the world.

For more details about the launching of soZZial GAMEbling, you can contact Thomas Neanderthal at tn@sozzial.com, or visit the website http://sozzial.com.

Thursday, August 16, 2012

Parvin Atabay Announces Work on an Autobiography

Artimis Atabay is pleased to announce that Parvin Atabay, the CEO of Arti Enterprises, Inc., a Glendale, CA-based management company, has recently begun work on an autobiography.  The autobiography will highlight the exciting life Atabay has led from growing up in Iran, immigrating to the United States, and becoming a successful businesswoman.

Parvin Atabay has recently met with top producers to discuss the progress of her autobiography.  Producers are also interested in movie and reality TV options.  “There are definitely a lot of exciting things developing,” says Atabay.  “However, I want to make sure I stay focused and complete first things first.”

For now, Parvin Atabay is treating her autobiography as a top priority.  However, the autobiography is not the only writing project that the busy CEO has on her plate.  In addition to her business interests, Parvin Atabay has a heart for children and is currently working on a children’s book.

The direction of the children’s book is still being discussed with producers.  However, Atabay and her producers are seriously interested in using the book as a vehicle for educating children about the differences between third world and westernized countries.  “I think the children’s book can be a terrific way to illuminate some of the fundamental differences in quality of life that many “Western” children take for granted,” says Parvin Atabay.

Both of these projects—the autobiography and the children’s book—will likely require Parvin Atabay to travel abroad, a prospect she eagerly welcomes.  It’s likely that in the near future, Parvin Atabay will travel to some or all of the following places: Africa, Kenya, Philippines, China, and Thailand.

“Traveling and doing my field research is definitely an exciting part of the projects,” states Parvin Atabay.  “Traveling has been so important to me and Zia [husband] over the years; I hope he will be able to accompany me on some of the trips.”

For more information on Parvin Atabay and her autobiographical work, please contact Artimis Atabay at (888) 675 – 1245; or, at 210 N Central Ave, Glendale, CA 91203.

Source: PressReleasePing.com