Sunday, August 19, 2012

SGC Announced Beta Launch of soZZial GAMEbling – A Unique Massively Multiplayer Online Social Gaming Platform

HONG KONG – August 19, 2012 – SGC Limited, a startup gaming company, today announced the beta launch of soZZial GAMEbling, a new and unique gaming platform that converts casino games into massively multiplayer online social gaming.

soZZial GAMEblingIn limited release, soZZial currently has four games which include three blackjack games and Sweets Slot, a video slot machine with two bonus games. The fifth game, Sum Hot slot machine, is planned to be added in the nearest future. Within a single convenient application, the platform is designed to give gamers quick access to free-to-play most popular casino games in non-gambling format with unique social features, like multiplayer real-time tournaments and face-to-face duels, monthly competition between all soZZial members, and premium gaming options for more excitement. Based on Flash, soZZial games maybe played instantly as a web application at, as a Facebook application at, and at Linux and Android devices.

soZZial is based on a unique gaming concept that converts conventional blackjack and slot games into an exciting social gaming format. It specializes in Tournaments, Duels and monthly SharePot Competitions, run as real-time events between a virtually unlimited number of players, each of them enjoying their favorite games. Gamers can play classic blackjack, while competing with others playing European blackjack or slot machines, for example.

soZZial offers cutting edge gaming technology without the need of any download. This is a highly accessible game, which allows gamers to play on, on Facebook, or on Android mobile devices. The competitions are also cross-platform, which means that players participating on the website may compete with Facebook or Android gamers.

The developers of soZZial games are also proud to announce that the games are essentially free with several premium options available for ‘Royal Lounge’ members. They also clarified that although soZZIal players enjoy all the popular casino games, soZZial is NOT a form of gambling, which requires spending a certain amount. Players compete for Gchips, a virtual currency that is not exchangeable for real money. That is why they called it GAMEbling.

soZZial GAMEbling is a unique and innovative massively multiplayer online social gaming platform that is designed to provide a high level of entertainment and enjoyment to gamers all over the world.

For more details about the launching of soZZial GAMEbling, you can contact Thomas Neanderthal at, or visit the website

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