Wednesday, August 15, 2012

New Digital Sea Adventure Stories Breaking Waves

For the lovers of classic and fictional sea adventure stories, here is the brand new and digital version of the real life sea adventure of a couple who went to explore seven seas and sailed more than 56000 nautical miles. For those who want to know more about sea adventure stories of Norwegian-Canadian couple Anne Brevig and Martin Vennesland, is bringing the seven seas adventure series comprising of 7 ebooks. 

The books narrate the exhilarating life saga of the senior couple who spend 15 years living on the 40 foot sailboat near the Vancouver Harbor in order to realize their dream, to voyage around the world.  Through the Seven Seas Adventure Series ebooks, the couple has shared their incredible story of 9 years of circumnavigation while visiting as many as 79 countries and Island nations during the course.  These books are meant to inspire readers to follow their dreams by taking off the beaten track rather than the traditional routes.

The original paperback version titled “9 Years on the 7 Seas”, which was a bestseller in Norway and North America, is back with the digital version. The book is now available as the series of e-books which is sure to enthrall adventure lovers and comes in text-only as well as interactive flip-book format for the convenience of readers. Whether a person is using Mac, PC, Smartphone or E-reader, this amazing series of sea adventure stories can be enjoyed in Kindle, MOBI, ePUB and PDF file formats. The book is equally liked by the critics as well as the readers and has also won the Editors’ Choice Award.

About The Seven Seas Adventure Series

The first book titled “The Dream, The Plan and the Bluewater Debut” illustrates the journey of the couple from comfortable jobs from Vancouver to the adventurous voyage through the Panama Canal. The second book in the series titled “Exploring the East Coast of Central America” narrates the dangerous and dramatic challenges such as the threats from the Pirates of the Caribbean, faced by this senior couple while sailing from Panama to Cuba. The third book describes the couple’s battles with the rough seas while crossing Atlantic Ocean. The fourth book “South to Warmer Climes” was a sojourn from North Sea to Mediterranean Sea. The fifth book “South Pacific-the sea of Dreams” shows how the voyage that was supposed to end by third year continued for some more years. The sixth book titled “Our South-East Asia Adventures” shares the highs and lows of the journey from Australia to the Maldives. The last book in the series describes the voyage from Indian Ocean to Norway via Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

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