Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Central Park Dental, Austin, Texas, Announces Invisalign Services

Erica McConley, DDS, dentist at Central Park Dental, Austin, Texas, is proud to announce that her clinic will now be providing Invisalign to clients. This new treatment allows clients to correct crooked or misaligned teeth, without the pain and hassle of conventional braces.

Central Park Dental, Austin, Texas can be associated with cutting-edge dentistry. For example, the office provides digital x-ray examinations, as well as rotary endodontics and intraoral camera examinations. This marks the first time, however, that Central Park Dental, Austin, Texas will provide tooth-straightening services.

"We have many clients who visit us with cosmetic concerns about their misaligned teeth, and those problems can also make it hard for patients to eat properly and speak clearly," says Erica McConley, DDS. "Although the problems are evident, many of our clients don’t want to go through traditional braces. They're clunky, and a little uncomfortable, even though they do work. We're happy to provide our clients with a new option."

Invisalign uses a system of small, translucent trays that can subtly shift teeth over an average treatment time of about a year. The work is real, but it's hard for other people to even see that the patient is having any work done. In addition, patients who use Invisalign only need to visit their doctors every month or two for checkups.

"I’d like to think that Invisalign will provide people with the help they need to straighten their teeth, but the help is both private and convenient," says Erica McConley, DDS. "It really is the best of both worlds and I'm sure our patients are just going to love it."

For more information, or to schedule an appointment, contact Central Park Dental, Austin, Texas, at 512.454.5825 or visit the company's website at
www.centralparkdentaltx.com. The facility is accepting new patients and is happy to work with most insurance plans.

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