Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Carol Kemler Supports the The Atlantic City Rescue Mission

The Atlantic City Rescue Mission's motto is “homelessness can happen to anyone”, and that message resonated with Garden State resident Carol Kemler. For the last several years, Kemler has generously given her resources to further the mission of this charitable organization.

It all started in 1964 when John Fink provided shelter and hot meals to a handful of homeless men. The Mission was founded in John's faith in the Gospel and the beginning of something great. Over the years, services that were once provided from a tiny storefront have  expanded to a comprehensive not-for-profit organization with a number of programs in place – all with the goal of providing assistance to individuals suffering from addiction, homelessness, and the poverty and despair that go along with both.

As a Certified Public Accountant (twenty years with Fitzpatrick, Bongiovanni& Kelly, P.C.) and a licensed real estate agent for the state of New Jersey, Carol Kemler has enjoyed a great deal of personal success. But she has vowed never to let that get in the way of her giving spirit.  “I was raised to believe that if you have much, give of your wealth, and if you have little, give of your heart”, says Kemler.  “That is a philosophy I've taken with me throughout my entire life.”

The individuals and staff of The Atlantic City Rescue Mission are certainly glad to have people like Kemler to help them support their goals of helping others. One of the more successful programs is Homelessness Overcome through Programmed Employment (HOPE). HOPE's main objective is to give those who have graduated from the Work Readiness Programs a chance to develop a resume, find a steady job, and save money by continuing to live at the Mission until they have saved enough to move out on their own.

There are so many reasons to give to charitable organizations. Says Kemler: “I have learned through my contributions to the Mission that giving generously offers personal and spiritual rewards that last a lifetime.” Kemler will continue to support the Mission and she encourages anyone living in Atlantic City or surrounding communities to get in touch and give what they can. To contact Kemler call (609) 390-8855.

Find out more about Carol Kemler, check out http://klout.com/CarolKemler/

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