Friday, April 6, 2012

Interra Global, Corp. Announces New Website!

Interra Global Corp, Park Ridge, IL’s leading absorbents provider for 20 years, has today announced the launch of their new website, The website is designed to serve the needs of the company’s ever growing worldwide clientele.

To help them share in the excitement, persons interested in their large stock of bulk Molecular Sieves, Silica Gels, Activated Alumina and Inert Bed support system are now being invited to go visit and register their membership to win a free iPad 3.

The winner for the iPad3 give away will be announced subsequent to the June 6, 2010, 4:00 pm drawing.

As an industrial material trading company that focuses on the desiccant industry, Interra Global Corporation is known around the world as the number-one go to provider for customers with material sourcing needs.

With offices in North America and China, Interra Global currently boast a team that’s dedicated to meeting the unique material sourcing requirements of their customers and providing the highest level of customer service and support.

“Because of our language abilities, cultural awareness, and constant presence on the ground in China, we have clear and direct contact with manufacturers on a regular basis,” said the Interra Global spokesperson, Bill Wallace.

“With such an unparalleled presence and communication in China, this has allowed us here at Interra Global to strategically choose our suppliers with whom we have developed lasting relationships,” added Bill.

Arguing the point that their choosing the right supplier is more than finding the lowest price, Bill noted that two of the top qualities they look for in a preferentially supplier are quality and consistency. “These are the criteria that we look for when determining who is better able to meet our standards and satisfy the high expectations of our customers,” he stressed.

Even after 20 years of experience in the chemical field, Interra Global Corp today still looks forward to continue being a valued partner to their customers and promise to continuously strive to meet their high expectations.

For further information about the Interra Global Corp and what they bring to the table with their newly established website, please contact: Bill Wallace, 847-292-8600, or visit :

Press Contact:
Bill Wallace
Interra Global, Corp.
800 Busse Hwy.,
Park Ridge, IL USA

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