Saturday, July 7, 2012

Brian F. Prince Announces Completion of iPhone App

Successful Oregon realtor Brian F. Prince is proud to announce that he's recently completed work on an iPhone app. This tool, which is yet to be named, will link homebuyers with available properties in their area.

The new app came about due to a late-night conversation between Brian F. Prince and his 18-year-old nephew.

"It might sound a little strange, but the whole concept came about when my nephew showed me an app that linked up searchers with other single people in the neighborhood who wanted dates," says Brian F. Prince. "I started wondering if I could use that same concept for homebuyers. I was actually a little worried that someone else had the same idea, but as it turns out, nobody had anything like this yet."

Brian F. Prince spent weeks researching his idea, and then determining exactly how the tool should work. In order to be valuable, he knew his tool must do more than simply show buyers homes on a map. The tool should provide robust information homebuyers wouldn't be able to find in any other way.

"I pulled together a list of questions my clients commonly ask when they're searching for homes, and I used that list as a jumping off point for my planning. Soon, I had a set of really robust attributes I could use in my app, and I had a good idea of how the thing should work," says Brian Frank Prince.

While many app developers use software to create their apps, Brian F. Prince chose to hire a licensed developer to create the tool and usher it through the Apple approvals process.

"I liked the idea of giving someone else a job in this tough economy, and I wasn't sure I had the technological expertise to do all of the programming in the right way," says Brian F. Prince. "I found just the right programmer to help me, and he tells me the app should be through the approvals process in the next few weeks. Then, I can start promoting it with my clients and my colleagues. I hope people enjoy it!"

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