Friday, April 6, 2012

Is…that…a…word? *Scratch, scratch* Is …that…a…board? *Sniff, sniff* Is it…digitized?? *Slobber*

Okay. So, maybe it’s a bit dramatic. However, that is how people feel about Words With Friends! Some may call us ‘grammar Nazis,’ but I prefer to think of myself as a ‘word nerd, ‘personally“ And so what if words make me happy…and slightly addled?

Here’s the deal; I love playing with the Scrabble cheat it is a magical Scrabble solver. I could be working my shift and being ‘on level’ while scoring my word goods on the side. But…I am out in the open. I admit my problems, while sniffing my words. I roll my word on the instant gratification that “Words With Friends” gives me.

Let’s start at the beginning. My addiction began with baby words. I am sure my first words were ‘Baja, not ‘mama. By the time I was 12, my pimp was Scrabble, the magical word unscrambler. By the time I was 30, “Words With Friends” owned my tail. Slowly, I realized my problem and that it was time to go through the infamous steps.

Step 1: I am powerless over you, “Words With Friends,” as are nameless others. I give in to your creepy word power.

Step 2: “Words With Friends,” you obviously possess a power greater than I do. Now, I grew up in the church. So…I cannot straight up give it to you…but *bow, bow, bow.*

Step 3: “Words With Friends,” I turn my will over to your salacious, tempting use of words for points. Please be kind to the words. Keeping points is not right.

Step 4: I have taken a fearless look at myself and have decided…that “Words With Friends” owns my tail.

Step 5: The Good Lord knows that I am recalcitrant and I have acknowledged this…and “Words With Friends” knows that it does not matter; I am still going to play the game relentlessly.

Step 6: I am SO ready to have “Words With Friends” remove my character flaws. In fact, I think I have a character delete button somewhere. Just a second while I find it?

Step 7: “Words With Friends?” Please remove my shortcomings? Especially, my misspellings and misinterpretations? I love being clever with a word, but cannot stand misusing on…unless someone calls me on it.

Step 8: I made a list and checked it twice. I need the anagram solver to determine if I am ignorant or nice. With all of that said, I need to make amends. Necessary, Disappoint, and Ridiculous. I am so, so sorry. I have misspelled you for years and you deserve my penance. The next time I play the game, I promise to not TO Embarrass you with my bad spelling.

Step 9: Direct apologies? Hmmm. Well, my addiction personifies you, but my sanity knows you are a game. What to do? What to do?

Step 10: Okay, so I am going to take my own inventory. I am going to own up to my scrabble flaws and my “Words With Friends” transgressions. I admit that I love the game and will play it until I can play it no more.

Step 11: Oh, “Words With Friends?” How do I stay pure? How do I resist the challenges of my fellow grammarians and addicts? How do I resist the call and pull of their taunts and the throw-down of their word play?

Step 12: I have woken up, “Words With Friends.” I have arisen to resist your word puzzles and points. You cannot beat me with your sumptuous, tantalizing scoreboard…unless you want me to? Oh, well. “Words With Friends,” I am unapologetically powerless and I want to get better, but I know I cannot. I cannot quit you. Why can‘t I quit you?

Extended play for everyone and you can take your time.

Words with Friends is addictive for the same reason that Scrabble is addictive; it is the trumping, the one-upmanship by word composition. However, Words with Friends has an extra edge that other word games do not have. Instant gratification.

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