Friday, September 21, 2012

Sally McFarland - Successful Internal Medicine Doctor

Many people can be considered successes in their life. If you’ve worked the same job for over 20 years, that is definitely a success. For Sally McFarland, working as a doctor for over two decades not only makes her successful it demonstrates her work history, success, and experience. And what makes things even better for her, as a doctor, is the public recognition that she has received in and around her community.

Sally McFarland graduated from the University of Virginia’s School of Medicine in 1984. The same year she became a member of Alpha Omega Alpha Honor Medical Society, an honor which highlights the skill and education commitment that Sally McFarland demonstrated as a student. Her residency was performed at Montefiore Hospital, an affiliate of the University of Pittsburgh located in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Sally McFarland successfully became board certified in internal medicine in 1987 and has been working helping people since.

In 1994, Sally McFarland joined the Medical Society of Northern Virginia, which would help to provide doctors of every specialty like Sally McFarland, educational resources as well as business resources. While membership is not necessary it helps doctors in every specialty in Northern Virginia as well as providing a professional resource if Sally McFarland is asked of her affiliations. However, joining the Medical Society of Northern Virginia is not all that Sally McFarland has achieved.

Sally McFarland was recognized by her community in the Northern Virginia Magazine’s Best Doctors of 2009. Sally McFarland was justifiably thrilled for her recognition and it speaks much to the way she treats her patients with a competent, caring, and personable manner. Her personal success only continued when on September 1, 2011 Sally McFarland opened her “new solo internal medicine practice in Fairfax, Virginia.”

If you have any questions regarding Sally McFarland’s history as a doctor or her current practice you are free to address questions to: 8425 W. Frankton Drive, Denver Colorado 80127 or call (888) 675-1245.

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