Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Announcing 10 Years with Radio Program Panther Football and Robert Fisher of Brookhaven, Mississippi

Robert Fisher of Brookhaven, Mississippi is proud to announce the 10-year anniversary of his radio program "Panther Football." Rob has been dutifully running the radio program for the Brookhaven community for that entire time.

Robert Fisher grew up enjoying football. It's a big sport in the state of Mississippi even though there are no NFL teams for the public to cheer on. Most of the fan spirit is devoted to college teams and the local high school teams. Compared to the rest of the country, many of these teams are extremely talented as well.

Robert Fisher of Brookhaven, Mississippi's passion for football eventually led him to running the local high school radio program titled "Panther Football." The program supports the local high school team of the same name. When asked why he has stuck with the program for 10 years Robert has this to say: "I feel like it's my little way of giving back to the community. Plus, I don't think there's any purer form of sport than what we see in high school sports. These kids work hard and the community should hear about it. My radio show does a lot to bring the games to the community."

Robert Fisher sets the time aside he needs for the radio show despite his busy schedule. He is a realtor as well as a business owner in Brookhaven, Mississippi. His love for High School football means he plans to continue the radio show for as long as he is able to. The radio show helps to bring the community together and many people listen in if they can't make it to the games. "I really like what Rob does with the radio program. It's definitely a nice thing for the community," said one resident.

Robert Fisher of Brookhaven, Mississippi is a realtor, Solavei Social Marketing Agent, and a business owner living in southwestern Mississippi. He enjoys working for himself as well as 4 Corner Properties. He also owns a local medicine business, CME Pharmacy that has been serving the Brookhaven community for 12 years. For questions, more information or simply comments, please contact Rob at (601) 754-6781.

You can visit this blog for more information about Robert Fisher of Brookhaven, Mississippi.

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