Thursday, July 12, 2012

Shopping For Furniture Online

Shopping for furniture can be both fun and time consuming. This is why a lot of people choose to do it over the internet, comfortably sitting on their leather chairs, sipping a hot cup of coffee. However, choosing the right place to buy from can turn out to be a big hustle.

The three most important factors when shopping online for furniture are:

1.       Finding a reliable website. Make sure their website is approved for credit card processing (this is a hard process to go through, and not all websites get approved). Having PayPal as the only payment option is problematic, because anyone can have a PayPal account and can choose to close it upon receiving a certain payment.
2.       Getting the best price. This is easier to check then you might actually think. Just copy/paste any of the products you like into a search engine and compare the results.
3.       Receiving white glove shipment (item ships to your door and you get help handling it). This is a must, you do not want some no-name company to drop off your sofa at your porch and bid you a farewell. The website should have shipment information or should be able to answer your questions regarding shipment via online chat, email or telephone.
4.       Looking for discounts. Do not just look for previous price and current price, look for alternative discounts that the website offers, such as buy one get 50% on the second item.

Luckily for Canadians, there is a place on the World Wide Web that offers the above mentioned four points. Furniture Canada is a fairly new online store which offers exclusively Canadian made furniture and free shipment across Canada. Right off the bat you know you are saving a buck on shipment, however, you still need to make sure their prices are not jacked up. A quick item search on any search engine will confirm that their prices are indeed the lowest on the internet. Knowing the upkeep cost of brick stores, you can imagine they have no problem beating their prices as well.

Furniture Canada also offers alternative methods of payment, so you know they have gone through filling out papers and waiting for approval from credit card processing companies. This also tells you that their website is safe for transactions and your credit card information is not going directly to a meat store in Eastern Europe (2 weeks later you find out your credit card was used to purchase a flock of sheep).

In addition, Furniture Canada offers you flexible and scheduled deliveries by white glove companies. Their items are all made in Canada, therefore shipped from Canada and handled by Canadian (or in some minor cases US) white glove shipping companies. This is what you are looking for! Furthermore, on their main page you see a Use Your Creativity Program which turns out to be a very original and easy to understand discount code (or program).

Not only can you save money when you decide to purchase 3 or more items, but you also have a chance to get a set named after yourself. Their mission to help Canadian economy by only selling Canadian made furniture is compelling to say the least. It is good to see that there are companies out there who readily cut off their profits and lower their margins in order to try and stay local. 

Contact Information:

Author: Nikola Stefanov
Address: 8 Maison Parc Court, suit #711
               ON, Canada
               L4J 9K5

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