Sunday, July 15, 2012

Ida Botta Loves Language and Children

Ida Botta loves teaching and has expressed that she doesn’t want to leave the field of education. Being able to teach has been what Ida Botta has worked many years for. And in particular what she sought to teach was the Italian language. Speaking any language for someone not raise to speak it from a young child takes a lot of work and practice.

Ida Botta grew up in an environment where she head Italian a lot. She takes an annual trip to Italy where she visits with family who still reside in Italy. So while she grew up around the language she wanted to be able to teach Italian to students who didn’t grow up with the language as she did but still have an interest in learning it anyway.

Ida Botta set off to teach Italian when she earned her BA from Iona College in Rochelle New York. She double majored in both Italian and Education. She earned her certifications to teach Italian in grades 7-12th in the State of New York. And for a long time that is what Ida Botta was happy to do.

While she loves Italian she herself has expressed a desire to learn another language. She is fluent in both English and Italian but she wants to challenge herself to learn a third language or even more. But learning foreign languages isn’t her only love. She loves children in general just as much as she loves learning for herself.

She loves working with kids. She loves that they are willing to learn new things and that they catch on to things you teach them quickly. And she is very caring and supportive towards them. Without adult support and encouragement children and easily become overwhelmed and frustrated with everything that they are being taught in school. Ida Botta understands that learning something new is not always easy and that is why she is as supportive as she can be.

Ida Botta is a very well educated individual. She strives to continue her own personal knowledge and that is why for herself she would like to learn another language to add onto the two that she already knows. And she also loves her work with kids and their education needs.

Guidance Counselor and Ida Botta is sure to continue to work hard to reach her career goals. It is not easy working while attending school and it is even harder going to school and working two jobs on top of it. There is no doubt that Ida Botta is an extremely dedicated and hard worker.

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