Monday, July 23, 2012

George Avery Alcorn III Announces Research Studies on Santa Maria

George Avery Alcorn III is proud to announce the progress of his current research work on Santa Maria. Currently participating in an International Studies program with the Pantheon Institute in Rome, Italy, Alcorn is eagerly pursuing research work on Santa Maria.

As an undergraduate at the University of Notre Dame, George Avery Alcorn III is excited about adding this research and the academic experience to his resume.  His research is being conducted under the guidance of Dr. Bill Westfall, a professor of architecture at the University of Notre Dame.  The course is “Seeing Power in Rome: Exploring the Pagan, Christian, and Modern City.”

“My work on Santa Maria was largely inspired by a class visit to Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore,” says George Avery Alcorn III.  The Basilica is the largest Roman Catholic Marian Church in Rome, Italy.  “There are many other Basilicas dedicated to St. Mary in Rome,” says Alcorn, “but no other Basilica compares to this architectural masterpiece.”

Construction on the Basilica di Santa Maria Maggiore first began in AD 435, and it has been the subject of numerous academic studies over the last two centuries. However, George Avery Alcorn III feels he may still have something to contribute to the wealth of academic knowledge that has been built around Santa Maria.

“I’m very excited about the research I’ve been completing during my time in Rome,” says Alcorn. “Though I don’t look forward to this summer program drawing to a close, I’m excited to finally format and deliver all of my research.”

For George Avery Alcorn III, academia has always been at the forefront.  The Notre Dame undergrad intends to continue pursuing his interest in Italian language, culture, and architecture.  “I’ve enjoyed most all of the sights we’ve seen in Italy, Naples, and Pompeii,” he says.

George Avery Alcorn III welcomes questions and comments regarding his research studies in Santa Maria. For more information about him please visit the BlogSpot at

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