Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Hot Short Story: The Love of My Best Friend’s Man!

Kelly and Amanda’s life long, friendship was at stake and unfortunate for Kelly, she was about to be the brunt of a cruel wager, between Amanda and Amanda’s mom. Kelly and Amanda had been friends since Kindergarten, and their mothers had been roommates in college.

The two moms had meet in college and only parted ways after Amanda’s mom took a position in California. Kelly’s mom, as planned, had visited her best friend and her new husband, in California. And upon returning to New York, Kelly’s mom realized that she was pregnant.

It was about six months later, when Amanda’s mother moved back to New York as well, and she too was pregnant. There had been some kind of break in the friendship, but neither Kelly nor Amanda understood all the details.

Nothing was ever said about Kelly’s father, and it was clear that Amanda’s father was a womanizer, who was divorced from Amanda’s mom because of several extra martial affairs, while she was caring Amanda.

Neither of the mothers spoke about Kelly’s father. Kelly assumed her father had been married to someone else when her mom got pregnant. And since her father never made contact with her, she believed him to be permanently unavailable.

The two little girls meet in the first grade, and were inseparable all the way through college. There was a special bond between the two children and as they grew older, they even resembled each other in small ways.

The mothers enjoyed a continued friendship with all the ups and downs of being a single parent, until Amanda‘s mom moved her successful Public Relations firm to Miami, after the girls graduated from high school.

Kelly, wasn’t aware of Amanda’s mother's consistent comments, that if Kelly was anything like her mother, she couldn’t be trusted. Amanda, a very outgoing and trusting person, hadn’t really taken her mother serious.

It was only after Amanda’s mother saw Roger, Amanda’s new boyfriend, and Kelly at the Thanksgiving dinner party, that she insisted that there was something going on between Roger and Kelly.

The accusation developed into a cruel wager between Amanda’s mother, and her daughter. The wager was simple. If Amanda’s mother was right, Amanda owed her mother a transatlantic cruise later that year, and would never speak to Kelly again. And if Amanda was right, her mother was never to speak ill of Kelly again.

At the time of the accusation, there was only a friendly attraction between Roger and Kelly. However, as time passed, the friendly attraction became a “strong attraction.” And in time, both Kelly and Roger were extremely uncomfortable in each other’s company due to their secret attraction to one another.

Amanda, a true blond, was an attractive young woman with full confidence in her abilities to keep her man, however, she felt the energy between Kelly and Roger, yet, she kept quite as her mother had instructed her to do.

Kelly was equally attractive, yet more reserve, than Amanda. Both women had professional careers, which enabled them to be extremely independent.

When Kelly had accepted a position as an executive with a large company in Chicago, that she rented her Manhattan condo out. A week later she was informed that the company was laying off employees, including part of the HR staff, which had offered her the new position. A settlement check was provided for the error, however, Kelly, decided to move in with Amanda, rather than have her new tenant move out.

While living with Amanda, Kelly came in contact with Roger a lot more. During the process of preparing to move to Chicago, she had barely thought about him.

And, Amanda believed that she had won the wager between herself and her mother, because Kelly was moving from New York to Chicago, to better her career.

Now, on this Friday evening, Roger stood knocking at Amanda’s front door. Amanda wasn’t home and for a split second, Kelly though about not opening the door.

Kelly opened the door and Roger walked in. He turned to her before she could tell him that Amanda wasn’t home, and softly said, “I know Amanda is having dinner with her office buddies, and I thought this would be a good time for us to talk.”

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