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Online Keno – Exploring the Game Basics

If the state lottery draws are conducted every minute, then how many probabilities do you have of winning? The answer is you have one chance each minute. This is the given rate of winning you do get not in the state lotteries but in lottery-like game, the online keno. 

If you are a newbie to Online Keno, this is a short introduction to the game and on how to get started. If Keno Lottery games fascinate you, then begin exploring the article and be sure to utilize the tactics and strategies so you can boost your keno gaming skills.

What is Online Keno

Keno, like the lottery, is said to be a game of sheer luck. If you are familiar with state lottery, then you have sufficient knowledge on how to play keno. However, if you don't know that much about either of the two, then this is the place to begin with. In both instances you choose an array of numbers and anticipate that those numbers will be picked in the draw. Now, depending on the count of numbers you got correct, you may get some kind of payoff, although that depends on the type of game you play. Whether it is the lottery or keno, the truth is neither is a positive anticipation game and may not return much of what you actually put into it, nevertheless if you hit the really big numbers then everything you have ever put into keno game will be paid back and you even get more.

History of the Game

According to a number of historians, the history of Keno dates back perhaps 2,200 years ago. But like many casino games nowadays, how each game eventually came to be known and played in today’s fashion is still not clear. This is true with the older games that are now enjoyed and played by many over the Internet and online Keno is just one of those various games. As you can probably think of, for each game and depending whom you talk to, some theories are likely to exist. Keno, on the other hand, is a lottery-like game believed to be developed by a Chinese leader named Cheung Heung during the Han Dynasty and that was around 187 BC. Cash-strapped because of a protracted war, Heung introduced a new game as a way to generate added revenues without needing to raise taxes. The game is told to have been played in a similar way to what we know these days as Keno which is now also played online.

Basics of Online Keno

Playing Keno online is the same way as taking chances in a state lottery except that in Keno, draws are done in as close as minutes not weekly, not daily, and not even hourly. Playing it online is even much quicker game to play than playing in a live Keno. In the latter one, the interval between games is about 5 minutes in order to allow time for everybody to mark their cards, write off the bets, go to a (Keno) writer, and to get their tickets.

How to Play 

If you already have an experience in playing the lotto, there is no doubt you will learn the game basics and comprehend how to play the Keno game online in just minutes. Like lotto and bingo, online Keno is easy to understand, straightforward, and also comes in a lot of varieties. To play the game online, you must first select the numbers of spots that you want to play. Then you pick up the numbers that you want to play from the given numbers appearing on the screen. The number that you’ve clicked on will then light up. Now, if you wish to cancel your choice, just repeat clicking the previously chosen number.

Most online casinos will allow a minimum of one spot and a maximum of ten spot per game. The numbers you’ve chosen will appear on the keno board. Your goal is to determine as many of the twenty numbers which are picked up in every round as possible. This ball draw happens at the Keno booth. Online, the computer selects the numbers randomly and the player can opt in to bet anywhere from one to ten that he or she thinks will be drawn.

Rules of the Game

Learning how to play online Keno is a no-brainer seeing as how the techniques and rules are limited. It is called a hit when a player’s number matches the number selected randomly. The payoff depends on whether you choose bet $5, bet $3, or bet $1. In most online Keno games, the maximum bet is $5. Other factors are depending on how many number you choose per game between one and ten, and on how many of these selected numbers are hits.

You start by designating those numbers that you want on Keno board. Usually, you are given the choice to have the computer picked a random ten numbers for you. The button is labeled automatic deal 10 numbers. When you have finally picked a number it turns green. If you want to cancel a number, then click on it once again. You will see the potential pay-off you can get in one corner of the online Keno screen as you pick you numbers.

After you have decided as to how many numbers you want to play, it is time to determine whether you like to bet $1, $3, or $5. Next is to click on the right button and you will see in the corner of your screen the potential payoff adjusting accordingly this time. Now, you may decide how many Keno games you would want to play just by clicking on either "Play 1," "Play 5," or "Play 10." After each game you can see the results of the draw on the left side of the screen. Click on each game in order to get a detailed info on each game where you play. Click on “repeat bet” if you wish to keep playing same numbers, this time in a new game.

Variations of Keno Tickets 

Keno is becoming famous to many nowadays as the game has a lot of variety. Players can choose from a number of tickets aside from the popular type of the keno ticket, such as the straight or way ticket. Here are some types of Keno tickets:

Keno Race Horse Ticket originated from the racehorse game in Nevada. Some 50 years ago, Keno was first introduced in West Coast. Each number being drawn was associated with a racehorse. Obviously the name was then adapted, the legacy of racehorse ticket continues up to now, hence it was known to casinos as such. In this type of ticket, the player marks the number on his or her card he wants to play and will be paid based on how many of the numbers are selected. These are the types you will also find in the casinos, somehow, not all casinos as well as online sites do offer same kind of Keno tickets, just check the versions they have.

Keno King Ticket is another type wherein you encircle a number. The number encircled is then called King. The advantage of any king number is that it is not used alone; rather it can be paired with other numbers in order to make up a way, straight, or combination tickets. A high end ticket on the other hand is different from the other tickets in that it is being matched to many numbers as much as possible. It has a high pay out though among the many types of Keno which entails higher risk.

With 20 Spot Tickets, the player picks 20 numbers. He or she has chances of winning the game 18 times. However, he or she may not win in cases where he matches 4, 5, or 6 numbers. This case occurs at about sixty-three percent of his or her playtime. In this type, chances of doing very well are not that good as it seems to be. A player may get his or her money back if he/she matches 2, 3 or 7 numbers.

With Top/ Bottom Tickets, a player chooses the number or numbers from ½ of the ticket. This can be done either from the top or the bottom of the ticket. Halves can be alternately vertical or form left to the right. Player who will match up to 13 numbers will have the chance to win the game. Payout using this type increases as more numbers are matched up. House edge in bottom/top is approximately 20%. Some versions of this type also pay out if players match up with less than eight numbers.

Edges Tickets on the other hand is the same as the top/bottom and the left/right types. The difference is that the player will choose the numbers around the edges of the ticket. There are a 32 numbers on the ticket edge, consisting of 8 rows with 10 numbers.

Online Keno Tips and Strategies

Your online keno strategy starts off by choosing the best online casino website based on your personal needs and wants. You may be amazed to know how many people rush off to deposit their bucks with the first online casino that they visit. Not really the smartest way since it is quite best to explore the other offers form other websites and to utilize your options. Once you have chosen where you are going to play, the next strategy is to establish your bankroll’s size. It is important not only to decide how much cash you are willing to play with or potentially lose but to stick to that decision.

There are so many potential number of combinations in Keno. Calculating the odds and probabilities could be a overwhelming task. Literally, there are over 3 quintillion different combos which can come up each round. But you don’t have to be anxious, the game doesn’t require you to be a Math genius to participate and win. All it takes is by following a few helpful tip and also plenty of luck. With these tips in mind, you will be good to lay Online Keno right away.

One is by choosing your bet wisely. Be sure to select your ideal bet. Even if you’ve got a lower bank roll it is recommended to go for $5 or even greater best rather than opting for $1 bets since the earnings for such amount is insignificant in the long run. Another is to choose the right number of spots. The bigger the number of spots chosen, the bigger the chance that some of the numbers you’ve selected will be drawn. 

Yet, this doesn’t mean that selecting maximum spots in the board will increase the chances of winning since this will need more hits right before you can actually win anything. As a game of luck, Keno numbers are randomly selected so predicting the outcome on any round is quite impossible. Sometimes, this works on your favor but it can easily tip the other way around as well. In random games like Keno, you never really know when you will be lucky or not.


Keno is definitely a straightforward game. The fact that there are not many rules you need to follow makes the game even simpler and easier. As mentioned above, luck is a main ingredient to become a winner. But we all know well that almost if not all casino games are based on chances and luck. Some games can be more fascinating if you really know how to play them the proper way, although it isn’t always the case when it comes to playing keno. And though there are various ways to play this game, they do not necessarily give some better odds. On the other hand, playing online keno is the easiest, most convenient and the fastest way to enjoy the game. Why? Because playing it online means you don’t need to hand the card to a keno runner or writer. All you need to do is choose and click on numbers and let the computer begin the draw.

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